Flowsave Valve

On average, when you turn on a hot tap or shower, the first 10 litres of each boiler activation is wasted while waiting for the boiler to heat up. Start saving with flowsave.

The flowsave is a thermostatically controlled and flow-stabilised valve that is installed on the hot water outlet from the boiler and restricts the water until the boiler has reached the required temperature.

Once the water has reached the required temperature of 42°C, the valve opens completely allowing full flow to taps, showers and other devices. This actually results in hot water getting to your taps and showers faster.

You only need one flowsave valve per boiler or instantaneous water heater. It doesn't require maintenance or servicing and it will last as long as your boiler or heating system. Simply fit, forget and save.

You can save up to €275 per year between fuel and water charge savings.


The flowsave thermostatic flow valve is manually installed on the hot water supply from a combination boiler or instantaneous water heater. The flowsave valve is an easy-to-fit slimline valve with 15mm compression connections included.

Limit Flow

Once a tap or shower is turned on, the flowsave valve works by thermostatically limiting the water flow to just 3 litres per minutes until it reached the set temperature of 42°C. Using unique patented flow-stabalisation technology, flowsave automatically compensates for natural variances in water pressure which can be caused by time of day, location of dwelling or other local water usage.

Full Flow

When the temperature of the water reaches 42°C the flowsave valve opens completely and allows the waterto return to full flow to all taps and showers and required. The flowsave valve has a 25 year life expectancy and requires no maintenance once installed.

Annual Environmental Savings

Save 50,000 litres of water

That's more than enough water to fill a bathtub every day of the year!

Save 315kg of CO2

That's the equivalent of planting 32 trees!

Save 1,500kWh of energy

That's enough to heat the average home for 5 weeks!